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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Free HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM customer management system assists brands in enhancing the customer's experience, creating a complete set of "customer journeys" based on customer behavior records at various stages to increase customer retention, creating additional value for customers and increasing revenue.

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What it can do?

Do you want to have a clearer understanding of various behaviors, and track what customers browsed on your website? Do you want to accurately target the specific preferences of your customers with marketing information?


HubSpot perfectly integrates various practical digital tools such as CRM, automation tools, newsletters, websites, landing pages, blogs, social media, knowledge bases, business development, and chatbots. Use content marketing and Data Driven methods to obtain high traffic and high conversion rates to help you continue to increase ROI.

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CRM is an essential digital transformation tool for enterprises


Strategize and win

Company performance insights

The overall performance of marketing activities, profit estimates at various stages, the company's network volume, community popularity, consumer feedback content and customer satisfaction, etc., can all be seen through HubSpot's report analysis tool. You only need a report dashboard and you can instantly visualize all of the data.

Third-party technology

HubSpot can connect with more than 500 third-party software, so your system can be continuously expanded and upgraded. Don't worry about using HubSpot, you eventually have to abandon the old systems you're used to. The functions you love may be among the more than 500 tools offered.

Customer behavior tracking

After Google bans third-party cookies, how can your business continue to keep track of the trends of potential customers that are interested in you? HubSpot CRM helps you track the first-hand information of all potential customers, regardless of which pages they have viewed and how many forms they have filled in , Which CTA's were clicked and which product pages were interacted with, can be recorded and captured.

Comply with the GDPR world trend

The development of the Internet has brought more attention to the protection of personal assets. The EU’s GDPR and the US’s California Consumer Privacy Act all reveal the legitimacy and legality of online data collection. HubSpot is a global company that responds to the protection of personal information and information security issues are also embedded in the system design.


Full control of the data. Efficient marketing planning

Form templates

Forms are required for web pages, event pages, and online and offline activities. The HubSpot form can be completed with simple and easy steps to create a form, making it easier to attract customers. At the same time, the collected customer information will be added into the system, and you will be able understand more about your customers.

Community management

The posting schedules and message replies of Facebook, IG, and Twitter are all gathered in HubSpot Social for unified management, so that you know what the operating conditions of the major communities are.

Email marketing & data tracking

Newsletters are equipped with the necessary data tracking tools to track open rate, click rate, bounce, etc. What's even better is that the built-in URL click tracking and high-engagement contact records are clearly displayed. Simply extract multiple relevant newsletters to compare the results of the data to help marketers analyze the results of the letters.


Through chat bots, we can solve various customer problems that arise during the execution of marketing activities, save the burden of the marketing team and help screen the truly valuable customer groups.

Understand the best methods of interaction with customers

Sales process management

The current sales phase includes expected profit, and expected conversion rate of each order. These can be managed through the Deals Management flowchart to control the sales phases, so that the business can immediately grasp the progress.

Customer behavior tracking

HubSpot helps businesses track customer trends, including which pages have been viewed, how many forms have been filled out, which CTA has been clicked, which product pages have been shown interest, or the page of the product catalog forwarded by the customer can be clearly recorded.

Business card scanning system

After businesses exchange business cards with potential customers, there is no need to manually enter them. The HubSpot App can scan the business cards with high resolution and directly record the customer's business card information into the CRM.

Instant cross-channel communication

The source of customer demand for products may be Email, Message, forms, and chatbots. HubSpot organizes cross-channel information sources within the inbox. The business team only needs to open the inbox to answer all cross-channel messages at the same time. Including any chance of a possible deal.


Always on standby to resolve customer related issues

Instant cross-channel communication

The source of customer demand for products may be Email, Message, forms, and chatbots. HubSpot organizes cross-channel information sources within the inbox. The business team only needs to open the inbox to answer all cross-channel messages at the same time. Including any chance of a possible deal.

Ticket Service Center

HubSpot converts each customer question or demand into a ticket. Through the Ticket Pipeline management system, it helps the customer service team understand the processing progress, urgency, content details and other information of each customer problem, and easily assign the ticket to the relevant person in charge, so that customer problems can be eventually resolved.

Knowledge base management

You can organize various texts, videos, and pictures related to your industry, such as FAQs, operating manuals, and basic knowledge, into the HubSpot Knowledge Base. Customers can search the database by themselves, get database content through chatbots, or online customer service. Personnel can quickly extract database information during the conversation to give customers more details.

consumer satisfaction survey

Through the satisfaction survey, you can find out which services or products the market likes about you, and clearly understand whether customers are satisfied with the services provided by the customer service team. HubSpot's feedback system provides you with executable data, allowing you to optimize products with the use of actual customer feedback, as well as identify highly satisfied customer groups and convert them into product promoters.

HubSpot CRM 的相關服務

Turn your idea into actions


Plan your content strategy

Formulate powerful content strategies to attract natural traffic, and actively cultivate potential customers to transform into actual customers.



Optimize your customer-finding process

Through continuous observation, evaluation and optimization, improve your work flow and message transmission efficiency.



knowledge base

Store all kinds of industry knowledge and provide them to your customers through the use of chatbots.




Assists in answering simple and fixed questions, or assist in categorizing customer questions to reduce labor costs.

了解各項 HubSpot 導入服務  
Is there an engineer that can assist me? Not sure how to import data?

We assist with importing data

We can help !

Is there an engineer that can assist me? Not sure how to import data?

The hububble team has invested a lot of time and effort in assisting corporate customers with HubSpot system integration and digital transformation in 2021.

Hububble is currently the most accredited HubSpot agent in Taiwan. We are accredited through official online teaching and multiple exams, and have passed Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, CMS Implementation and many other licenses, and will continue to increase our range in the future.


2020-2021 Newly acquired customers:
BenQ, Appier, SEMI Taiwan, InQuartik, DFI

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為什麼要用 HubSpot?

在消費者主導的體驗經濟時代,他們掌握了所有的選擇權,所以 HubSpot 提出了集客式行銷方法,以CRM 為核心。在客戶生命週期的每個階段執行不同的行銷方法,透過行銷漏斗發掘潛在客戶,建立客戶的品牌忠誠度。

HubSpot CRM 與 Salesforce CRM 哪個更好?

如果您正在尋找易於學習的免費或負擔得起的 CRM 軟件,HubSpot 可能是更好的選擇。同時,如果您希望將時間和金錢投入到功能強大且可定制的 CRM 軟件中,Salesforce 可能是您的不二之選。在我們對 2022 年最佳 CRM 軟件的評級中,HubSpot 和 Salesforce 僅相差十分之一分,在技術支持方面它們有相似之處——兩者都有強大的支援團隊,並且可以通過 24/7 電話幫助。

Salesforce 在功能上勝出。它提供各種產品來幫助您管理業務的多個方面,超越銷售、服務和營銷的支柱,在電子商務、移動應用程序、分析等方面為用戶提供幫助。它是許多可以投資多個 Salesforce 產品的大公司的首選 CRM。它還提供專為小型企業設計的計劃——對於希望成長的公司來說,這是一個不錯的選擇。客戶評論說 Salesforce 需要時間來掌握,儘管他們稱讚其廣泛的功能。相比之下,HubSpot 因其直觀的設計而獲得了用戶的高度評價。它的行銷、銷售、服務和 CMS 中心具有大多數中小型企業所需的所有功能。

在大多數情況下,HubSpot 是兩者中更實惠的選擇。HubSpot 提供免費的 CRM 軟件,為剛啟動的小公司提供了許多有用的工具,Landing Page、Tickets、報價等。

HubSpot 是否比 Salesforce 更易於使用?

HubSpot 是市場上最易於使用的行銷自動化平台之一。 它獲得這種聲譽是因為它易於實施和掌握,並且提供了大量資源來幫助您充分發揮軟件的潛力。 其中包括常見問題解答、教程和電子郵件和網站模板。

與 Salesforce 不同,HubSpot 的設計考慮到了用戶擁有出色的使用者介面,容易上手。這就是為什麼它具有如此高的採用率。 HubSpot 出色的客戶服務意味著即使您確實遇到問題,也總有人可以提供幫助。

Salesforce 和 HubSpot 都贏得了兩個使用最廣泛的 CRM 系統的地位,因為它們都是很好的選擇,但它們的設計考慮了不同類型的企業和用戶。 如果您是一家擁有複雜銷售流程的大型企業,那麼 Salesforce 將是您的最佳選擇。 但是,對於需要易於使用且具有成本效益的工具的中小型企業,HubSpot 是您的最佳選擇。

HubSpot CRM 真的是免費嗎?

 是的,它是免費的!使用完全免費的版本,您可以在 HubSpot 數據庫中存儲多達一百萬個聯繫人,並且您的團隊中有無限數量的用戶可以使用這些數據。

對於 HubSpot 的產品或是它的定價方式感到困惑嗎?

HubSpot 每套產品都是設計給不同需求的公司團隊使用,主要目的是要提供完整的客戶購買旅程。

HubSpot CRM 是一套完全免費的 CRM,可以存取一百萬筆聯絡人,有別於 Salesforce,HubSpot 是不需要任何教育訓練,5 分鐘就可以立即上手的 CRM 軟體喔!

HubSpot Marketing 則是一套為行銷所設計的 all in one 產品,結合了各種行銷上會遇到的需求跟痛點,來解決行銷人會遇到的問題,強大的行銷工具整合保證你前所未見。

HubSpot Sales 則是一套能結合行銷以及銷售的產品,將訪客轉換成客戶了之後,促進業務銷售的成長。

HubSpot Service 是一套要滿足客戶掌握產品滿意度的軟體,透過意見表單、知識庫等功能提高客戶對於產品的認知,在完整的服務工具裡幫助您的客服團隊服務到每個客戶,幫助企業提升服務滿意度。

HubSpot CMS 是一套建置網站的工具,可協助行銷無需在工程師或設計的限制下,能快速的產生頁面去因應市場的需求,從此行銷人不需要再苦苦的等待工程師的協助能夠快速生成頁面,加倍行銷速度。

HubSpot Operation 是要解決一間公司導入各種不同產品至 HubSpot 內,會面臨到資料凌亂的問題,透過此產品可以確保串接過來的資料都統一、乾淨、清楚,方便行銷、銷售等人製作報表,執行活動時更精準。

每種功能都有三個等級,主要是功能的完整度來區分價格。想要快速地了解貴企業所需要的功能,建議您直接與我們👉預約 15 分鐘的會議時間


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