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NGOs and Non-profits

Integrated marketing tools can help you raise more donations

Case Studies

Increase the loyalty of volunteers and donors and attract more potential volunteers and donors to join

Have complete journey of donor

Choosing the right automated marketing tool can help you meet the needs of volunteers and donors and turn visitors into satisfied customers

  • Interview
    1. Content marketing to create rich organic traffic (SEO)
    2. Integrate Facebook and Google ads to deliver to targeted audiences
    3. Track the behavior of volunteers and donors. Establish a persona.
  • Donate
    1. Automatically send accurate messages based on behavioral data
    2. Automatically create a customer list and update at any time
    3. Establish a customer scoring system to find suitable volunteers and donors
  • loyalty
    1. Convey your message throught the use of automated emails
    2. Send institutional information regularly to maintain a positive relationship
    3. Fully customized experience for volunteers and donors
  • maintain

Problems that non-profit organizations are facing

Problems that the industry usually faces

Unable to find more volunteers and donors
Manual processing of all steps is prone to errors and time-consuming
Multi-channel marketing is very difficult
Difficulty communicating with volunteers and donors

Thoroughly understand everyone’s needs, andit will no longer be difficult to communicate with volunteers and donors

Understand the needs

Behavior tracking

Automatically record the various footprints of volunteers and donors in web browsing and page interaction, using popup windows, e-news, landing pages, and other tools through the use of automation. You can collect more useful data and have a clearer understanding of the wants and needs of volunteers and donors

Automated newsletter marketing analysis

Using the e-newsletter template, you can independently complete the e-newsletter production without the assistance of IT personnel. Clearly grasp the effectiveness of data (click rate, open rate, content click rate, number of opened newsletters) from the background, with automatic processing settings. Use the most beneficial attitude when it comes to interacting with anyone.

Central database

From HubSpot, easily find out all kinds of data sources such as visitor data, donation amount, donation activity exposure, website traffic, newsletter effectiveness, and community exposure. You can integrate all marketing data for a specific campaign and directly analyze the effectiveness of the project.


Comprehensive marketing integration and full control of data


Blog content marketing

Use content marketing to enhance institutional awareness, use HubSpot SEO analysis tools with blog management, master SEO optimization strategies at a low cost, and obtain organic traffic to build brand awareness


Comprehensive tracking on social media platforms

HubSpot Social helps you integrate cross-platform posting schedules, and can reply to cross-platform messages from the background at the same time, so you don't need to be afraid of missed opportunities of interacting with potential volunteers and donors!


Good customer experience

Plan automated marketing processes such as Emails, Popups, Chatbots, etc. triggered by behaviors to ensure that visitors will not always see the same content, and visitors will continue to get customized experiences, thereby increasing loyalty


Ten minutes of eye movements
Prevenet your social marketing from falling behind

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Quickly build a personalized experience to strengthen the loyalty of volunteers and donors

Potential customers become friends


Quickly create an efficient landing page

Non-profit organizations usually do not have a complete marketing team, and they also lack designers and engineers to develop web pages. At this time, the planning of activities will be difficult to implement, and landing pages cannot be produced effectively and in real time. In HubSpot, you can simply operate the landing page maker and adjust the page to help the team quickly plan out your event page

24H Chatbot

During the user’s browsing process, providing information and assistance is very important for their decision-making. Use Chatbots to provide quick answers, simplify the donation process, and speed up the volunteer registration process. Online customer service combined with Marketing Automation can help you grab every opportunity to interact with visitors

Personalization of digital channels

Starting with visiting the website, volunteers and donors can experience a personalized experience. Depending on the page visited, they can see information related their activities, and finally decide which activities they are willing to participate in. At each touch point, you can create a deeper level of interactive experience through customization.

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