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Education Industry

Provide students with top-notch personalized education plans

Case Studies

Every student is provided with a tailor-made learning plan

Every student can obtain a tailor-made learning plan

Becoming smart is the effect learning, and success lies in experience. You have insight into each person’s learning goals and must guide the direction of learning based on the goals.

  • Understand
    1. Provide students with exclusive information at different stages if learning
    2. Automatically send campus features and curriculum advantages to attract attention
  • Elective
    1. Automated tools to improve the efficiency of team registration
    2. AI assist students in completing the registration process
    3. Online customer service provides immediate course selection suggestions and frequently seen registration questions
  • Start of class
    1. 24H AI customer service provides answers to students' questions
    2. Collect student feedback, optimize the course and then refine it
  • life-long learning

Problems facing the education industry

Problems that the industry usually faces

Uncertainty about students’ interests and learning goals
Difficult to organize student feedback, and less than effective course quality
Bland online interaction, unable to maintain full-time customer service
The enrollment and registration process is cumbersome and lacks integration tools

Completely analyze the types of students, fully grasp the study tour, study abroad, and the international market

Understand the needs

Student Focus

Establish a persona for students in CRM, record information about customer assets, clearly categorize audience types, and accurately enroll students

Recommended courses

Large advertising expenditure is a common exposure method for education platforms, but customer retention normally is not as good as expected. We recommend using automated tools to connect your website to your students, and provide them with the course information they want.

Email and behaviour tracking

Whenever you send course materials to your students, you can analyze the open rate, open time, content click status and other information, and then use the browsing tracker to further analyze the various possibilities for future course registrations.


Personalized experience. A more efficient way of communication


Increased loyalty

Different students have different needs when it comes to web pages and emails. The system automatically adjusts the interactive information according to the student's data, proving them with more personalized information.


Behavior-oriented marketing strategy

Students no longer receive the same course brochures, you can send different information according to the students' behavior on the web


Diversified response templates

With the creation of one-page websites and e-newsletters, you'll have efficient operating tools to set up differentiated content all in one step, so that different students can see their own exclusive messages


Ten minutes of eye movements
Prevenet your social marketing from falling behind

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Tedious work is fully automated, with a focus on enrollment events

Potential customers become friends


Newsletter effectiveness with A/B testing

Before you send the initial newsletter, the system will automatically determine the version that will be the most effective when it comes to increasing open-rate.

Potential student scoring system

Automatically record all student browsing behavior, mail clicks and submission of personal information on your website. These will become the benchmark, for future interactions. Through the automatic scoring system, the best candidates will be placed into a different group.

High-efficiency workflow

After the student completes the online registration, the system will automatically notify the admission team to respond, then the registration instructions, calendar and other materials before admission can be sent using automated tools.

Refined quality

As an education platform, getting feedback from students is very important. Through the use of automation tools and collection of student feedback, we are able to create a unique education platform that students will love.

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Automated marketing improves student registration efficiency

Let automated marketing improve your efficiency

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