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HubSpot Sales Hub

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HubSpot Sales Hub

When your sales team focuses on high-quality potential customers and uses the sales process designed by HubSpot, you can focus your business time on gathering customers to increase income.
HubSpot Sales Hub
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What it can do?

Use HubSpot's sales tools to complete more transactions and increase business revenue. HubSpot sales tools make it easy for sales representatives to manage and complete their daily tasks, including finding potential customers to send emails to, making phone calls and scheduling meetings, tracking customer behavior, and providing business-critical information.
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Sales Tools to Eliminate Friction at Every Step

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Never miss an opportunity to connect with potential customers

E-mail template

Convert the best-performing sales emails into templates that can be shared with the team to save time. Use CRM data to personalize settings, customize messages, and then send emails.

E-mail tracking

When a potential customer opens an email, you will be notified immediately, so you can follow up in an instant and complete the transaction sooner.

Document management and tracking

Establish a useful sales content database for the entire team, share documents directly from through Gmail or your Outlook inbox, and track the status of customers viewing PDFs, so as to understand the customers’ purchase intentions.

Contact management and customer information

Obtain all correspondence records of the person and company you are sending emails directly to, all within the HubSpot CRM, Gmail or Outlook inbox.

Call tracking and recording

Prioritize sales calls for the day, make and record calls directly from your browser, and automatically record it in the CRM.
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Hubspot Sales Deepen Relationships

Build trust and lasting relationships.

Appointments and meeting arrangements

Eliminate the back and forth pains of arranging meetings. All you need is a link to the meeting so that potential customers can choose a time that suits everyone. Meetings will automatically sync with your private Google or Office 365 calendar.

Sales automation

With personalized sales process automation. Set up a series of personalized emails and follow-up tasks to ensure that you always have the lead throughout the sales process.

Online Chat

When potential customers are actively participating in your website, it’s best to contact them directly. Automate the assignment of chatbots to the right salespeople to build better relationships and close more deals.
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Automate management tasks and fully understand your business conditions

Sales Management Manual

Set up a sales manual to automatically arrange the sales process, call scripts, product guides, etc. to design an efficient process for your team. Better sales capabilities and efficient processes help the team to make deals easier.

Quotation tool

Generate quotations in a few seconds. Create and send sales quotations while you manage transactions, integrate electronic signature and payment functions, and simplify the process from quotation to payment.

Sales analysis and reports

Answer important questions about sales performance by gathering all the data in one place. Have a comprehensive understanding of the sales process so that you can effectively predict and track the performance of your business.
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Service-Teams & Channals

No matter where you are, you can establish contact with customers under your own conditions

HubSpot APP

HubSpot provides apps that allow businesses to manage contacts, transactions, and tasks from any place and device. You will be able to grasp the movement of potential customers at any time, and never miss an opportunity to contact them.

Sales pipeline management

Customize your pipeline to match your sales process, add transactions with a single click, automate tasks and track progress within the dashboard. Pipeline can easily create the ideal process.

Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing software makes selling to high-value accounts easier than ever. Build deeper relationships and transform your high-value target customers into customers. ABM includes collaboration, complete tools to bring your sales and marketing teams together.
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HubSpot Sales Hub related services

Turn your idea into actions


Assess your SEO status

Evaluate the traffic and entry point area of ​​your website to improve search engine performance.



Create an MVP HubSpot website

Quickly and cost-effectively launch a small HubSpot website, and you can choose to easily upgrade as you grow.



Create custom integrations

Integrate Hubspot with your SaaS products, e-commerce platform or customized development.



Implement an MVP HubSpot website

Quickly and cost-effectively launch a small HubSpot website, and you can choose to easily upgrade as you grow.

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Is there an engineer that can assist me? Not sure how to import data?

The hububble team has invested a lot of time and effort in assisting corporate customers with HubSpot system integration and digital transformation in 2021.

Hububble is currently the most accredited HubSpot agent in Taiwan. We are accredited through official online teaching and multiple exams, and have passed Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, CMS Implementation and many other licenses, and will continue to increase our range in the future.

2020-2021 Newly acquired customers:
BenQ, Appier, SEMI Taiwan, InQuartik, DFI

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which is better, HubSpot CRM or Salesforce CRM?

If you're looking for free or affordable CRM software that's easy to learn, HubSpot is the better choice. Meanwhile, if you're looking to invest your time and money in powerful and customizable CRM software, Salesforce might be right for you.

HubSpot and Salesforce have just one-tenth of a point difference in Best CRM Software for 2022 ratings. Both have similarities in availability of tech support. Both have strong support teams and are available 24/7.

Salesforce wins on features. It offers a variety of products to help you manage multiple aspects of your business -- going beyond the pillars of sales, service, and marketing to assist users in e-commerce, mobile applications, analytics, and more. It's the CRM of choice for many large companies that can invest in multiple products.

Salesforce also offers plans designed for small businesses — a great option for companies looking to grow.

However, customers comment that Salesforce takes time to master, although they praise its extensive functionality. In contrast, HubSpot gets high marks from users for its intuitive design. Its marketing, sales, service and CMS hubs have all the features most SMBs need.

In most cases, HubSpot is the more affordable option of the two. HubSpot offers free CRM software with many useful tools for small startups like landing page and website builders, ticketing systems, quotation tools, and more.

Is HubSpot easier to use than Salesforce?

HubSpot is one of the easiest-to-use marketing automation platforms on market. It has earned this reputation because it is easy to implement and master, and it provides a wealth of resources to help you realize the software's full potential. These include FAQs, tutorials, and email and website templates.

Unlike Salesforce, HubSpot is designed with users in mind and has a great user interface that makes it easy to get started. That's why it has such a high adoption rate. HubSpot's excellent customer service means that even if you do have a problem, there's always someone to help.

Both Salesforce and HubSpot have earned their place as the two most widely used CRM systems because they're both great choices, but they're designed with different types of businesses and users in mind. If you're a large business with a complex sales process, Salesforce is right for you. However, for SMBs that need an easy-to-use and cost-effective tool, HubSpot is your best choice.

What are the prices of the different HubSpot plans?
Plan Marketing  Sales  Service  CMS  Operations 
Starter Edition $50 /month $50 /month $50 /month $50 /month $50 /month
Professional Edition $890/month $890/month $890/month $890/month $890/month
Enterprise Edition $3600/month $1200 /month $1200 /month $1200 /month $1200 /month

*No changes needed except if rates are different for non-Taiwan clients.

How to connect HubSpot API?

As long as there is an API, we can easily import data, but we suggest reading our API resources first here: [insert English version of HubSpot API Chinese Teaching Guide]

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