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E-commerce Industry

Build more meaningful relationships for your buyers

Case Studies

Turn every visitor into a satisfied customer

Turn each visitor into a happy customer

Choosing the right automated marketing tool can help you meet the needs of buyers and turn website visitors into satisfied customers

  • Interview
    1. Obtain records of visitors' browsing behavior and interaction
    2. Analyze user interaction with advertisements and automate advertisement remarketing
    3. Automatically give points based on customer behavior, and select high-value customers
  • add to cart
    1. Distinguish between differrent demographics and behavior and execute precision marketing
    2. Automatic notification for unchecked shopping carts
    3. Create targeted advertising to attract and retain customers
  • Buy
    1. Buy
    2. Regularly update product information
    3. Automate product satisfaction surveys
  • Maintain

Problems that the industry usually faces

Problems that the industry usually faces

Do not understand the individual needs of customers
The goods have not been checked out after being put into the shopping cart
Massive amounts of customer service messages waiting to be resolved
Advertising conversion rate is getting lower and lower

Thoroughly understand everyone's needs and closing the gap with customers is no longer difficult

Understand the needs

Event-triggered automation

Based on customer behavior, consumer preferences, and favorite advertisements, be able to finalize a transaction with automated marketing

Activity tracking

Understand data performance, set goals and easily analyze customer engagement, conversion rates, checkout rates, etc.

Personalized communication

A multi-channel personalized experience enhances your brand communication. Chatbots and knowledge based query systems can help you reduce your workload and obtain higher customer satisfaction



e-commerce 1

Link customer data

Integrate all customers' big data from orders to payment, and link them to HubSpot

e-commerce 2

Single platform data integration

Integrate cross-channel customers to complete management on a unified platform, such as newsletters, login pages, blogs, chatbots, etc.

e-commerce 3

Event triggered automation

Trigger exclusive advertisements into automated sales processes based on customers' browsing and interaction behaviors


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Convert first-time visitors into paying customers

Turn first-time visitors into customers


Master customer needs

Record product browsing and interactive behaviors of potential customers. Use Popups, e-newsletters, Chatbots and various channels to provide information to gather customers, and gradually guide them to finalize their purchase

Shopping cart remarketing

There are many factors that make consumers abandon their shopping carts before checking out, such as waiting for a lower price or not trusting the product. At this time, shopping cart remarketing is an indispensable tool for e-commerce, which can push consumers at a critical moment

24H online customer service

In the decision-making process of potential consumers, it is extremely important to provide necessary information and assistance in making decisions. The 24-hour customer service allows you to grasp all the opportunities that can lead to finalized payments. After-sales assistance can help customers answer questions in real time, and reduce any possibility of being left with negative reviews

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Automated marketing improves efficiency

Let automated marketing improve your efficiency

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