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Transformation Training

Transformation Training

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Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting

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We get a preliminary understanding of the company's scale and goals, so we can carefully evaluate the existing structure and information network and put forward the best suggestions and solutions.



Our engineering team has rich experience in system integration. Regardless of whether your company uses an old system or your data is spread across different platforms, we will migrate data to the new CRM platform in the safest and most agile way. This lets us solve customer migration or integration problems.



After the CRM system is introduced, we will onboard internal personnel on operating the new system, locate information and records. Through the training sessions we will provide, your internal teams can get started quickly on the new system.



We will regularly monitor and assist customers in maintaining and confirming the stability of the system. We are committed to be your long-term partner, so you can focus more on your operations and core businesses.


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health care

Medicine and Health Professions

A CRM system can create medical history tags, regular follow-ups, and centralize patient data, so medical practitioners can actively share health information and care for patients in real time. This also simplifies work processes and improves the accuracy and timeliness of medical assistance.

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Create tailor-made education plans for students, gain insight into learning preferences, use automated e-mails to recommend exclusive courses, and accurately provide students with appropriate learning content and school resources, ultimately improving school enrollment rates. Using a potential student scoring mechanism, you can record interactions between potential students and you. A CRM system can also help you arrange student recruitments in a faster and smarter way.

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real estate

Real Estate

Automated marketing tools help real estate agents gain real-time insight into buyers' inner concerns, purchase preferences, and item browsing records and other useful data intelligence. Provide 24-hour online interaction with prospective customers, and record the purchase information provided by prospective customers in detail. Real estate sales are no longer restricted by the customer’s time, and real estate agents no longer need to manually sort out complicated item information and buyers. Information, use the CRM system to help you screen out the buyer groups with the highest transaction rate.

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Create exclusive travel plans for customers even before they start searching for attractions. An automated marketing tool already helps you record prospective passengers' travel cycles and their preferences. You can create chatbots, travel blogs, and other webpages to help customers make the first interaction with you.

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Efficiently capture accurate personal financial information so you can determine the financial capacity and needs of prospective customers. This will help you recommend customer-centric financial services that meet their current needs at the best time. Establish long-term, comprehensive, and trusted financial relationships with your customers.

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Simplify your daily order management process and tedious customer services by using automated marketing tools to improve the company's operating efficiency and product conversion rate! Master the product browsing database, customer behavior analysis and market dynamics tracking by regularly sending automatically personalized e-mails and quickly creating various promotional shopping guide websites to help you win over previously lost customers.

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Non-profit organizations

Use automated marketing and CRM tools to grasp donor and volunteer behavior to help you maintain relationships. Our automated process helps you send messages on important dates (such as birthdays, event days, thanksgiving days, etc.). You can also find more potential donors or volunteers who care about your cause.

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Through CRM and marketing automation, potential customers can actively find you, increase sales, improve website visibility, and increase efficiency of your business model.

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