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Digital Strategy


Digital Strategy

Transformation Training


Transformation Training

Corporate Consulting


Corporate Consulting

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Get a basic understanding of the company's scale and the goals achievable by introducing CRM. Carefully evaluate the existing structure and information, and propose the best suggestions and solutions to help the company integrate the products systematically, streamlining customer and sales operations.



Our engineering team has advanced experience in system integration. Regardless of whether the old system or the data is scattered on various platforms, we will transfer the information to the CRM platform in the safest and least time consuming way to solve customer migration or integration problems.



After the CRM system is imported, we perform a complete process with internal personnel to confirm the system operation status, information and data records. Through education and training we enable operators to quickly get started and easily integrate with the new system.



We regularly track and assist customers with maintenance, confirm the stability of the system, whether the operation process is smooth, etc., and become a long-term business partner of the company, allowing you to focus more on business operations and core businesses.


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health care


Actively share health care information and care for patients in real time for practitioners, create medical history tags and perform regular tracking. While simplifying the work process, it also improves the accuracy and history of medical assistance, increases the awareness of patients and greatly shortens the distance between you and them.

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Create tailor-made education planning strategies for students through data analysis, gain insight into students’ learning preferences from interactive data, use automated emails to instantly recommend exclusive courses to relevant students, and accurately provide students with the learning content and school resources they need to increase their acceptance rate. Use a student scoring system to record the interaction between potential students and yourself. When you have a large number of student interviews to be arranged, you can arrange student recruitment in a more efficient way.

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real estate

Real Estate

Automated marketing tools help real estate agents gain real-time insight into buyers' inner concerns, purchase preferences, and item browsing records and other useful data intelligence. Provide 24-hour online interaction with prospective customers, and record the purchase information provided by prospective customers in detail. Real estate sales are no longer restricted by the customer’s time, and real estate agents no longer need to manually sort out complicated item information and buyers. Information, use the CRM system to help you screen out the buyer groups with the highest transaction rate.

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When a prospective traveller is ready to start searching for tourist attractions, a customized travel plan will have already been placed in front of them. Automated marketing tools has already helped you record the travel cycle of previous travellers and their prefered tourist attractions. Unfamiliar customers can download information from Chat bots, travel blogs, and attraction web pages and have a wonderful first time experience with you, as well as receive a series of exclusive information. You will become the best travel consultant in the eyes of travelers.

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Efficiently provide accurate and personalized financial information. Financial institutions can judge the needs of prospective customers from looking into data and recommend customer-centric services, and automatically send personalized electronic newsletters to provide customers with exclusive financial information, so that customers no longer classify your newsletters as promotional advertisemenst. You can provide financial services in line with the current state of customers at the most appropriate time, and establish a trusting relationship for long-term financial planning.

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Simplify your daily order management process and tedious customer services by using automated marketing tools to improve the company's operating efficiency and product conversion rate! Master the product browsing database, customer behavior analysis and market dynamics tracking by regularly sending automatically personalized e-mails and quickly creating various promotional shopping guide websites to help you win over previously lost customers.

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Non-profit organizations

Use automated marketing tools and CRM tools to grasp the information of donors and volunteers. In the case of manpower shortage, you are stil able tol maintain the best interactive relationship with donors and volunteers. The application of automated processes helps you send messages at any time (such as birthdays, event days, and thanksgiving days). The automated process does not require a lot of manpower to complete the tasks of focusing on specific topics, and is able to find more donors from the database, or groups of volunteers who are concerned about a particular issue.

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Through marketing automation, potential customers can proactively find you, and at the same time help sales, improve website visibility, improve efficiency of your business model, and become an indispensable marketing tool.

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