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Finance Industry

Data is power! Financial digital transformation has completely changed

Case Studies

Respect and courtesy are essential to achieve your clients' wealth management goals

Honor to achieve the wealth management goals of VIPs

Receive insight into customers, offer precise financial management, and achieve the ultimate goal of all-round financial planning

  • analyze
    1. Collect and understand your clients' risk and financial habits
    2. Observe your clients' financial pain points and goals
  • Evaluate
    1. Automatically match clients with a financial advisor
    2. Send personalized financial information
    3. Send a financial plan in exchange for a list of new clients
  • Suggest
    1. Provide professional financial planning advice
    2. Maintain close interaction between institutions and customers
    3. Real-time notification of market fluctuations and new product information
    4. Provide regular review of financial goals
  • Comprehensive financial services

Problems facing the financial industry

Problems that the industry usually faces

Uncertainty about the background of new customers coming from the Internet
The customer service team has been repeatedly introducing products to customers.
Difficulty in maintaining long-term relationships with customers
The new generation of customers is used to searching for financial information on the Internet

Clearly understand customer needs and master customer service

Understand the needs

Complete customer information database

HubSpot CRM automatically tracks the customer's browsing page, stay time, and browsing path. Apply data to define the customer's needs. Provide financial advisors with insight into various customer needs (interested topics, financial topics, income status, family status, etc.) in advance, and build a professional image right from the start.

Send asset management information accurately

Figure out the best opportunities for contact with customers, such as tracking interests, closing sales, and marketing cycles, with the use of customer data. Understand customers in all aspects, you can send exclusive personalized emails for customers with different backgrounds.

Customer scoring system

Establish your customer scoring standards, give points for customer characteristics (company, industry, income, age, position, financial status), behavior (page views, email clicks, e-book page views), and plan specific points for different sales strategies.


Content is crucial! Natural traffic attracts high-quality customers

financial 1

One-stop social media integration

HubSpot Social integrates all social platforms, you can complete cross-platform scheduling, posting, message reply and data analysis at one time

financial 2

SEO optimization tools

HubSpot SEO tools help analyze the website, provide optimization suggestions, and help you improve the Google search rankings of your pages, and attract high-quality visitors

financial 3

Quickly create an event page

Implement marketing plans such as customer gathering activities, financial seminars, new product introductions, etc. Use the Landing Page to quickly complete tasks, and immediately start collecting a list of high-quality potential customers


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Prevenet your social marketing from falling behind

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Upgrade to a fully automated marketing tool. Constantly gathering groups of high-quality customers.

Potential customers become friends


Automatically send the information that the customer wants to receive

The trigger for customers to receive messages comes from their own behavior. You can design a complete set of automated processes (email, Chatbots, SMS, Popup, etc.) to let the system automatically deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right time.

Automatically notify the internal team for follow-up tracking

In addition to allowing the team to share customer information in the CRM system, the system can also automatically send notifications or follow-up information to team members and supervisors when customer behavior meets specific conditions

Chatbot is on standby 24H

The complicated financial processes always confuses customers, so, using chatbots to solve customer problems in real time and effectively is essential. In the process of the conversation, the customer information is recorded into the CRM, and finally a list of potential customers in different categories is automatically generated, making the marketing process more efficient.

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Automated marketing accurately locks in financial plans that customers are interested in

Let automated marketing improve your efficiency

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