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HubSpot Marketing Hub

The automated marketing tools you need are here!
One-step completion: Attraction, tracking, strategy execution, data analysis
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What it can do?

Create websites, blogs, landing pages, and e-newsletters without an engineer!

HubSpot digital marketing tools can efficiently complete marketing tasks, as well as use content marketing to obtain high traffic and high conversion, effectively increasing ROI.

Data driven information is well-documented, you can find all kinds of reports, marketing benefits, and data analytics.

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Use the HubSpot tool to solve your problems

Upgrade your marketing with HubSpot

Convert the best-performing sales emails into templates that can be shared with the team to save time. Simply use data from the CRM to complete the process.


Faster growth


More profit

Where All Your Marketing Comes Together

HubSpot Marketing Hub Attract

Create content that customers desire and will be attracted to

Blog management

Create content that potential customers may look for in the future, and place it in advance within search engines, social media, and audio-visual platforms. Turn visitors into real customers.

SEO search engine optimization

Use HubSpot SEO tools to assist content planning strategies, optimize content structure through keyword data research, and establish natural search authority while surpassing competitors.

Ad exposure and tracking

HubSpot one-step integration works with Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, Google, the four major social advertising platforms. The effectiveness of advertising and customer tracking is clear at a glance.

Social media management

Never miss a message, master the most effective ways of interaction. A one-step integration of multiple communities. From posting, scheduling, to click tracking, it is all done simlutaneously through the HubSpot backend.
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HubSpot Marketing Hub Convert

Create large-scale and personalized marketing strategies to convert more visitors into potential customers

Landing Page Creation Module

Design and set up a login page without going through IT staff or website companies. It's as simple and intuitive as dragging & dropping. Apply a vast array of templates provided by HubSpot for your use.

Form Creation System

Simply drag and drop to easily build all kinds of forms. Progressive form design makes answering messages more efficient, and can successfully convert anonymous visitors into potential customers, and automatically integrates the data into the HubSpot CRM system.

Automated Marketing System

Use automated process settings to save time and improve work efficiency. From large-scale personal e-newsletter releases, and large-scale system data sorting, to internal notification and task assignment, all can be accomplished through automated tools.

ABM focuses on account marketing

The best tool for B2B marketing is to unite marketing and business teams through ABM tools. Establish consistent marketing and sales activities around a single account, and effectively gather potential accounts.


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HubSpot Marketing Hub Reports

Extract necessary information from data, realize the trends, and create a course of action

Analytics Tool Marketing Analysis

Powerful personalized reports and preset analysis tools can assist the team in making more informed decisions. Accurate data analysis information comes from CRM's continuous tracking of customer behavior.

Custom report dashboard

You can create various types of customized data reports in HubSpot. Dashboard is highly flexible, it can continuously rearrange data information into new reports and share insights with the team.


More than 500 apps or cloud services can be connected with HubSpot to achieve the goal of integrating applications with digital tools. At the same time, cross-platform data is automatically collected to HubSpot in order to obtain more oriented marketing leads.

Traffic Analyzation

After connecting the HubSpot tracking code, you will have a comprehensive insight into the trend of website traffic, from the overall website to the individual page visit data, bounce rate, stay time, etc., presented in a simple and neat report.


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What GDD means for your business

Find out more all about GDD

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HubSpot Marketing Hub related services

Turn your idea into actions


Design outreach strategy

Collect information through a large number of extensive exposure activities, define the appearance of consumers by verifying collected data, and enable them to be tracked continuously



Complete the HubSpot basic setup

Assist HubSpot with check the settings and finding optimal opportunities from the website, system connections, automated process settings, and marketing activities.



Identify opportunities for conversion rate improvements

Comprehensively review your website, landing page, and data reports to find opportunities to increase customer conversion rates.



View the current status of the use of analysis tools

Assist you in optimizing system settings such as HubSpot Analytics, Google Analytics, HotJar, etc., to maximize the effectiveness of each platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What will I get after using HubSpot Marketing Hub?

HubSpot Marketing Hub lets you create and deliver content, deploy targeted ads, and build complex customer journeys. It can also help you collaborate better across your team by making it easy to organize and retrieve all your business' marketing assets, data, and tools in one place. 

All customer data gathered from all your marketing touchpoints can be directly stored in HubSpot CRM, so you can analyze and form customer profiles.

Our company uses a lot of software now, can they all be integrated in HubSpot?

Yes! In fact, HubSpot Marketing Hub is born to solve this problem. You can choose to keep your current marketing platforms and connect them to HubSpot to centralize all information and workflows. Of course, you can also choose to make your systems leaner a your all-in-one marketing hub.

Is there a free trial of HubSpot?

As a Diamond Partner, Hububble can give your business an exclusive 30-day free trial!
Just apply through us, and we'll help you get all set up.

How much does HubSpot Marketing Hub cost?

HubSpot Marketing Hub has starter, advanced, and enterprise packages.

Starter - $50/month
Advanced - $890/month 
Enterprise - $3600/month

Get in touch with us today and let us help you evaluate the options that apply to your business!

Is my company right for HubSpot?

HubSpot has a wide range of tools that can help businesses of any and every size. If you're still unsure, contact us, and we can do a professional introduction and assessment of your company's needs.

HubSpot Pricing List
Plan Marketing  Sales  Service  CMS  Operations 
Starter Edition $50 /month $50 /month $50 /month $50 /month $50 /month
Professional Edition $890/month $890/month $890/month $890/month $890/month
Enterprise Edition $3600/month $1200 /month $1200 /month $1200 /month $1200 /month

*No changes needed except if rates are different for non-Taiwan clients.

How to connect HubSpot API?

As long as there is an API, we can easily import data, but we suggest reading our API resources first here: [insert English version of HubSpot API Chinese Teaching Guide]

Is there an engineer that can assist me? Are you not sure how to import data? We assist with importing data

We assist with importing data

We can help !

Is there an engineer that can assist me? Are you not sure how to import data? We assist with importing data
The hububble team has invested a lot of time and effort in assisting corporate customers with HubSpot system integration and digital transformation in 2021.

Hububble is currently the HubSpot agent with the most official certifications of HubSpot Taiwan. It has obtained relevant licenses through official online courses and a number of tests, such as Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, CMS Implementation, and other licenses, and continues to improve the team's digital expertise.

2020-2021 Newly acquired customers:
BenQ, Appier, SEMI Taiwan, InQuartik, DFI
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