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Real Estate Industry

A tailor-made buying experience for each buyer

Case Studies

Tailor the buyer's journey

Experience tailored to each home buyer

Through potential customer scoring and analysis tools, find the right buyers, help generate and cultivate potential customers in the sales cycle

  • Interview
    1. Attract and retain customers through targeted advertising
    2. Landing Page Collection List
    3. Customer rating
  • Appointment
    1. Online appointment form
    2. Record the content of the meeting
    3. Automated real estate quotation
  • Loyalty
    1. Chatbot
    2. CRM builds and maintains customer relationships
    3. Newsletters provide real-time information on current items
  • Maintain

Problems that the industry usually faces

Clients usually complain of these real estate marketing problems

Unable to effectively classify customers
Replying to customer service questions is too time-consuming
Difficulty grasping the sales process
Customer referral rate is not ideal

Through the user's browsing history, thoroughly understand the needs of buyers

Understand the needs

Automatic classification of customer types

Use automated marketing tools to track customer information and browsing behavior, understand potential customers through data, and rate them at the same time. Real estate specialists can judge priority targets based on the scoring mechanism, allowing human resources to accurately invest in resources.

Message delivery and response management

To effectively cultivate customer relationships, it is important to answer questions in real time. Our smart tools can immediately help customers find answers to questions and grab customer development opportunities at the same time.

Sales funneling automation

Collect customer information and create customer lists through automated tools. The more information and lists you accumulate, the greater the sales opportunities. After customers are automatically segmented, your marketing team can send personalized messages, newsletters, and offers on a regular basis to drive them down the sales funnel.


CRM + marketing automation = more sales

real estate 1

Never miss a chance

Record all your interactions with potential buyers

real estate 2

24/7 online service

The customer service chatbot and automatic reply system allow buyers to find answers to their questions at any time.

real estate 3

Establish long-term relationships with buyers

Build an automated marketing process to turn more real estate inquiries into actual sales.


Ten minutes of eye movements
Prevenet your social marketing from falling behind

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Keep in touch with customers and change your potential customers into friends

Potential customers become friends


Encourage potential buyers to give their information

Provide real estate professionals with efficient communication tools including FAQs, scorecards, and more, so they can clearly understand customer needs.

Professional negotiation

Use automated software to accurately create customer tags, share relevant real estate knowledge and event information, and enhance the professionalism of sales specialists.

Invitations to events or real estate informational resources

The system automatically identifies and tracks the current marketing stage of the customer. It maintains high-quality engagement with customers through personalized messages like newsletters, event reminders, real estate trends, birthday greetings, and more.

HubSpot CRM 帶看專員輸入客戶資訊

Automated marketing improves your efficiency

Let automated marketing improve your efficiency

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