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Travel Industry

Make your visitors feel the want to travel

Case Studies

Take the initiative and explore the world

Take Care Of Traveler From Packing To Returning

From all the sights and sounds, be the company that creates an experience. Becoming the best traveling companion that people rely on.

  • Exposure
    1. A one-stop website with platform management that creates natural traffic
    2. Integrate Facebook and Google ads to deliver tailor-made exclusive offers
    3. 24H chatbot service and promotions
  • Visitor tracking
    1. Data insight into passengers’ habits and automatic sending of relevant messages to enhance visitor participation
    2. A list of prospective customers is automatically created and updated constantly
    3. Set up a customer points system that automatically scores customers and forwards high-value lists to the business team
  • Visitor Conversion
    1. Automatically send exclusive offers through email.
    2. Multi-CTA enhances online conversion rates
    3. Chatbots maintain active interaction
  • Repurchase

Problems facing the tourism industry

Problems that the industry usually faces

Unable to understand the passenger's wants and needs, travel habits, and preferences
Unable to accurately recommend suitable travel plans
Unable to maintain a long-term connection with existing customers
Unable to constantly answer visitor questions

Gain insight into market fluctuations and understand passenger preferences through data analysis

Understand the needs

Behavior tracking

Automatically record the footprints of visitors browsing different travel packages. Using pop-up windows, e-newsletters, landing sites and other marketing tools combined with automation, will get you more customers. Analyze the value of each page, and drive data to guide visitors to complete account registration.

Automated newsletter analysis

Electronic newsletter production tool, which can independently complete electronic newsletter production without the need of IT personnel. Insight into the newsletter(click rate, open rate, number of opens), combined with automatic tool settings, will help you understand the best forms of interaction with customers

Central database

Easily find all marketing data, business performance, customer service progress, website traffic, e-newsletter results and other data from HubSpot. You can create a campaign to integrate all of your collected marketing data and directly analyze the effectiveness of the project



travel 1

Travel blog

Build a brand with content, use HubSpot SEO analysis tools with blog management, master SEO optimization strategies at a low cost, and get free organic traffic.

travel 2

Comprehensive tracking on social media platforms

HubSpot Social helps you create a cross-platform posting schedule, and reply directly to cross-platform messages in the background simultaneously, so you'll no longer be in fear of missing any possible customers!

travel 3

Good customer experience

Automated processes such as Emails, Popups, and Chatbots triggered by certain behaviors ensure that visitors will not always see the same information. Continued retrieval of customer information will effectively increase the conversion rate.


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Prevenet your social marketing from falling behind

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Quickly build a personalized experience to strengthen customer loyalty

Potential customers become friends


Quickly create an event page

Visitors are highly responsive to travel discounts and changes in promotional offers! The marketing team will quickly create an a landing page to attract visitors to make bookings. HubSpot’s unique smart CTA button provides passengers with a fully personalized experience, allowing the team to quickly target valuable customers

Online help service 24H a day

In the consumer's decision-making process, providing adequate information is very important. Use online customer service and chatbots to provide real-time travel information and simplify booking itineraries. Automated online customer service helps you grab every opportunity to turn visitors into customers

Personalization of digital channels

Starting from visiting the website, visitors will appreciate the personalization. Based on the different pages that the travelers visit, they will receive personalized travel information and promotional offers, and will finally be able to decide on what is suitable for their needs. At each touch point, you can use the advantages of data automation and customization to attract even more visitors.

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Automated marketing effectively improves efficiency and likelihood of travel registration

Let automated marketing improve your efficiency

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