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Travel Industry

Make your visitors feel the want to travel

Case Studies

Take the initiative and explore the world

Take Care Of Traveler From Packing To Returning

From all the sights and sounds, be the company that creates an experience. Becoming the best traveling companion that people rely on.

  • Acquire
    1. A one-stop website with platform management that creates natural traffic
    2. Integrate Facebook and Google ads to deliver tailor-made exclusive offers
    3. 24H chatbot service and promotions
  • Track Visitors
    1. Get data-led insights into passenger habits and behaviors to send personalized messages and promotions and increase consideration of your services.
    2. Prospective customer list is automatically established and updated in real time.
    3. Set up a customer scoring mechanism to identify and push high-value prospects to the Sales Team.
  • Visitor Conversion
    1. Automatically send exclusive offers via e-mail
    2. Test multiple CTAs to determine which one will boost online conversions
    3. Actively interact with customers via smart chatbots
  • Repurchase

Problems facing the tourism industry

Tourism industry clients usually complain of these marketing problems

Unable to understand the passenger's wants and needs, travel habits, and preferences
Unable to understand passenger’s personal preferences and travel habits
Cannot maintain long-term relationships with existing customers
Unable to answer passenger questions online in real time

Gain insight into market fluctuations and understand passenger preferences through data analysis

Understand the needs

Track Browsing Behavior

Automatically record visitors’ browsing paths through your travel catalogue. Combine automation with marketing tools like landing pages and e-newsletters to acquire more customers. Make use of data-driven tactics to guide visitors to complete registrations.

Automated E-Newsletter Analysis

Produce e-newsletters without IT personnel. Gain insights into delivery results (click rates, open letter rates, number of open letters) to determine the best message to communicate with travelers.

Central Database

Easily find all your marketing data, business performance, customer service feedback, website traffic, e-newsletter results, and more all on HubSpot. Create a project / campaign to integrate all marketing data and directly analyze project results.


Optimize travelers’ journey through your digital marketing platforms.

travel 1

Travel blog

Build your brand with relevant content. Use HubSpot SEO tools to optimize content for better SERP results and increased organic traffic.

travel 2

Social media integration

HubSpot Social integrates all social platforms so you can schedule posts, reply to messages, and analyze data across platforms in just one place.

travel 3

Automated marketing

Plan behavior-led automated marketing efforts such as e-mail marketing, chatbots, etc. to ensure users will receive unique and non-repetitive marketing messages.


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Quickly build a personalized experience to strengthen customer loyalty

Potential customers become friends


Quickly create landing pages

Quickly attract travelers to avail of flash discounts and promotional offers. HubSpot’s unique smart CTA button provides passengers with a fully personalized experience, allowing the Sales team to quickly target valuable prospects.

24-Hour Online Concierge Services

During the user’s browsing experience, providing information and assistance in real time is very important for their decision-making. Use chatbots to provide accurate travel information and simplify booking itineraries.

Full personalization

Travelers can experience personalized experiences from the moment they visit the website. They will receive exclusive travel information and promotional offers which can push them to decide on their itinerary. At every touchpoint, you can use data and customization to attract users.

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Automated marketing effectively improves efficiency and likelihood of travel registration

Let automated marketing improve your efficiency

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Automated Marketing


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