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Team communication tool

Product Description

Slack is a powerful cloud-based collaboration and communication tool, no matter the size of the company, from start-up teams to enterprises, this tool solves communication problems between teams. The core functions of Slack are search, integration of third-party applications, information sharing, and collaboration. With Slack, you can eliminate the need for different tools so support cross-platform management. You can receive emails, host voice or video conferences, create recordings of all communication processes. Any data and files sent in Slack can also be easily searched, marked or saved, don't waste anymore time trying to find information, let Slack simplify your work for you.


Product Features

  1. The team can set up channels according to work content, project or theme. You can choose public, private groups or one-on-one conversations, and invite relevant members or customers to join the channel. In the channel, you can directly perform video, screen sharing, and pinning. Important messages and reminders can also used to improve communication efficiency.slack-1
  2. Slack can be connected with most services, such as Google Drive, Email, Jira, Github, Dropbox, Trello, etc. You can view related information from other services on one platform, increasing work efficiency and productivity.slack-2
  3. In addition to communication, you can create your own Slackbot and have your own work secretary. You simply need to enter commands and tags, and it will automatically remind you of to-do items, meeting notices, and poll notifications. In addition, you can use RSS to subscribe to articles and receive instant notification of the latest news.slack-3