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A newsletter marketing and delivery tool

Explore the power of Email Marketing with Mailchimp



Create exclusive brand marketing events



Easily connect third-party services and tools



Send the right message to the right person at the right time



Complete data report and analysis

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What you can do with Mailchimp


Newsletter design

Mailchimp provides a variety of design templates and customizable templates. Different styles can be selected according to different needs. It is suitable for various mobile devices. Dragging and dropping objects has never been easier. The interface is simple and easy to operate, and there is no need to worry about design.


Landing page production

In addition to the newsletter service, Mailchimp also provides a landing page creation function, which can create an attractive landing page in just a few minutes. With the design of a call to action button, it can easily increase sales conversion and make the brand more effective.

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Advertising is also one of Mailchimp's powerful features. You can use it to easily set audiences, create ads, and collect data on Google, FB, and IG. What's better is that you don’t need to pay extra to enjoy these features.


Services integration

Mailchimp can connect with nearly 200 services. Whether assisting your existing tools or integrating with other collaborative tools to obtain more convenience and benefits, Mailchimp is your best choice.


Product recommendation and remarketing

In addition to recommending products to different consumers, you can also re-market to consumers who have not checked out or have products in their shopping carts but have not checked out. Giving them an incentive in a timely manner will effectively increase their willingness to follow through with a purchase.


Data application

The ability to analyze data is one of the key points when considering marketing tools. Mailchimp integrates customer stratification, A/B testing, analysis reports, and executes personalization in the most concise and clear way possible, allowing brands to use data to create success more quickly.

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