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A website hotspot and information analysis tool

Understand your users in a fast & visual way with hotjar



Understand real user behavior



Quick installation and easy operation



Any device can be tracked and analyzed



The best analysis tool to optimize your website

Hotjar can help you

What you can do with Hotjar


Hot spot analysis and real-time monitoring

A website heat map and user behavior recording are the two main features of hotjar. From the user’s behavior, examine the popular areas and unpopular areas of the website, understand which buttons the user clicks, track movement, and where movement stops, allowing you to optimize and adjust each page accordingly.


Conversion analysis

Observe at which stage and page the user bounces out. Complicated website guidance and flow design can result in an increase in bounce rate, these can be used as a parameter for page adjustment.


Tracking analysis of different devices

Regardless of mobile phone, tablet or desktop, hotjar records user behavior under different devices, allowing you to easily optimize and adjust for different devices. For more accurate data, the IP of the test team and customers can be separated to improve the accuracy of the data.


Form Analysis

Hotjar can help companies optimize online forms and find out if users are having trouble filling them out, skipping blanks, and deciding not to fill in the form during theprocess, and optimize the form.


Questionnaire surveys

hotjar provides questionnaires to ask about user experience and feedback in real time to understand what users really think. You can also solicit testers to attract users who are interested in products or services to accept trials, this is a good way to find bugs and website defects.


Export and share

The behavior records of each visitor can be easily exported or shared as CSV or XLSX formats. Team members and customers can edit and write down the problems they observe together, and categorize them through tags to help project communication and management.

We can help

Our Approach

  • User behavior analysis and website design optimization
  • Data analysis and strategy recommendations
  • Combined with marketing automation system
  • Assist in installation and integration with third-party platforms

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