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Project content management and information sharing platform

Product Description

Confluence is a product from the well-known software developer Atlassian. It is a content management and information sharing platform. It mainly helps the team to more systematically integrate the documents communicated within the project. Members can create pages, share files, mark and annotate at any time. Enjoy personal file space. Confluence provides different fees for teams of different sizes. Even start-ups can use this tool to improve internal productivity and collaboration efficiency. In recent years, it has become one of the tools that companies love to use.

We recommend teams to use Confluence and Jira at the same time. Confluence is used to manage the content files of the entire project, and the progress tracking of each task can be combined with Jira for task management.

Product Features

  1. A variety of built in document templates can be chosen from, from meeting records to product requirements. There is a substantial amount of content editing tools, no matter if you need tables, charts or mind maps, etc., they will be able to assist with the visual presentation of text, allowing you to type and create freely.confluence-1
  2. Confluence continues to optimize services in response to feedback from users around the world. They also continue to increase the integration of different tools. Currently, there are nearly 900 tools that can be connected to applications. You can choose your favorite tools to add to the platform, such as Gliffy chart tools, Slack, calendar, Google Drive, Moqups, etc., all of which easily integrate onto the platform.confluence-2
  3. The biggest fear of the cooperating platform is that the information cannot be managed quickly and systematically. With Confluence, you can organize the project and department management separately, and set the browsing or editing permissions of the members. With a powerful search function will be available, you will be able to quickly find the information you're looking for.confluence-3
  4. The most common problem encountered in joint collaborations is editing conflicts or data overwriting, and when hard-coded text cannot be retrieved. To solve this problem, Confluence can store the actions of each stage in real time and easily trace back to historical records.confluence-4