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A project management platform suitable for teams of all sizes

Product Description

Jira is the preferred project management platform for enterprises, applicable from start-ups to large enterprises. It can assist with project progress tracking, reporting issues, information communication, promoting coordination between members and accelerating project efficiency. Through its Kanban system, the working status of each department can be seen at a glance. It can be used with the engineering aspect of product development, marketing, human resources, operation management, and customer service support. 125,000 teams around the world are using Jira, which proves its superb methods and practicality. Follow us to learn about the features of this popular tool!


Product Features

  1. Jira's Kanban makes the configuration and status of each project clear at a glance, and the system cooperates with the Scrum system to allow the team to focus on completing tasks. In addition, Jira also provides more than ten kinds of visual reports, making reports and analysis quicker and more effective.jira-1
  2. In addition to the cloud platform, Jira has also launched an App, which allows you to grasp all of your tasks, by managing projects, viewing progress, and responding to work status instantly.jira-2
  3. Jira can be connected with a large number of services on the market, so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues. The team can use tools more flexibly. Enterprises will receive more opportunities to improve efficiency.jira-3