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A marketing automation tool

Work faster and gain more opportunities with User.



Records complete browsing journeys and interaction records



Create your own marketing automation system



Precision insight into collected data



Has a combination of multiple digital tools

User. can help you

What you can do with User.


Marketing automation

Breaking away from the traditional marketing methods of the past, all marketing actions can be completed through automation. Different usage behaviors drive different marketing steps, such as whether the user opens a letter, whether or not data is filled in, etc., which will execute different commands.


Focused Marketing

Use tags, scores , device preferences, social media preferences and other criteria to distinguish users, and effectively seperate users. Record individual consumer preferences and interactions, while providing personalized message delivery and services, and effectively achieving group marketing.


Newsletter / SMS

User. uses many tools, including e-newsletter marketing and physical newsletter marketing, to solve the pain points of marketers in a one-stop way. You don't need to use different tools and platforms in different places. You can employ different communication methods according to the habits of users.


Popup / chatbot

Popups and chatbots are also part of User. services. Different behaviors will create different responses. Marketers can arrange the priority of responses through data analysis and provide users with real-time service and support.


Customer relationship management

The customer relationship management system is a product of cross-depart cooperation. Managers can see all marketing data and visitor behavior records from the backend at a glance, and can also grasp business progress and transaction records in real time, allowing them to focus on decision-making and internal workflow optimization.


Marketing data analysis

From the moment a user comes in contact with you, their entire browsing journey will be recorded up until they are your loyal customer. This is also one of the strengths of the User. service. Through data User. preferences, you can better control the experience of your customers.

Our Approach

  • Give suggestions according to the size of the enterprise
  • Propose marketing automation strategies and solutions
  • Data analysis and discussion, with continuous optimization
  • Assist in installation and integration with third-party platforms
  • Internal education and training

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