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What you can do with Intercom


Communication platform

Intercom provides a comprehensive information platform, such as real-time customer service, customer classification, user guidance and other functions. It definitely gives a new look to the chatbot, and is an indispensable tool for enterprises in the age of constantly changing digital trends.


Team creation

Not only can it increase external sales, Intercom can also help the team measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign, analyze conversion rates, and track business progress. It can also be connected to other collaboration platforms, such as HubSpot, Slack, and other tools to simplify the workflow.


Mobile app application

Intercom's application on the App is also quite simple to use. In addition to basic automated information and customer data collection, it can also conduct other types of communication, such as Email, questionnaires, and multimedia messages. Through A/B testing, you'll be able to find the most effective way of communication. .


Customer Information Management

One of the biggest advantages of Intercom is that it has a customer data management platform that can record regardless of the webpage or application. You can track user data and behavior in real time, provide personalized responses, and filter by conditions for customer segmentation.


Multi-party integration

Intercom can combine your community, CRM, Google, and a variety of digital service tools. The integration of the system will save more on advertising budgets and cross-platform time, thereby improving the efficiency of marketing staff and increasing sales conversion.


Data application

The ability to analyze data is one of the key points when considering marketing tools. Mailchimp integrates customer stratification, A/B testing, analysis reports, and executes personalization in the most concise and clear way possible, allowing brands to use data to create success more quickly.

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