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The mose user friendly landing page creator

Own your post-click experience with Instapage



Multiple templates as well as a free gallery



Get more potential customers



Make advertising more valuable



Integrate multiple marketing tools

Instapage can help you

What you can do with Instapage


Increase conversion rate

Instapgage is easy and intuitive to operate. Just drag and move the object and add text and call-to-action buttons to quickly launch. Effectively increasing the conversion rate, attract more potential customers in the shortest time, while spending your budge on precision marketing.


A/B testing and hot spot analysis

No longer rely on having to be experienced and doing guesswork. Through A/B testing, built-in hotspot analysis functions, understand the user's preferences for page design, content. Track mouse movement, page scrolling, and call-to-action clicks, all of which can be used to adjust for page optimization.


1 對 1 個人化訊息設計

The landing page you create is compatible with different mobile devices. You will be able see what is presented on each device through the preview page, and create a personalized message for different audiences. You can see screen content changes based on different regions, languages, and preferences.


Multi-party integration

It can be used in combination with marketing automation, advertising, CRM, e-commerce platforms and a variety of digital tools. The integration of the system will save you more time for advertising. Cross-platform cross-use can help improve the efficiency of marketing staff and increasing sales conversion which effectively assits with budgeting.


AMP brings better mobile experience

Instapage uses AMP technology to speed up page loading speed, and avoid slow loading speeds that affect shopping or reading experience, which might cause you to miss an opportunity for obtaining new customers.


Analysis and report

After the landing page is online, you can observe data and regular reports at any time, analyze user stay time, click-through rate, bounce rate, conversion rate and page performance and other information, and employ A/B testing to find the most suitable landing for your product or service page.

Our Approach

  • Landing page flow design suggestions
  • Overall marketing strategy consulting
  • Importing and multi-party integration
  • Data tracking optimization and adjustment suggestions
  • Internal education and training

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