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Empowering Growth: Unveiling the Transformation of BOPTaipei's Internal Management and Workflow through Seamless HubSpot Integration


Education and Training

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BOPTaipei's primary objective is to aid entrepreneurs in streamlining their businesses for increased profitability and ease of management. It aims to assist small and medium-sized business owners in Chinese-speaking regions globally.


BOPTaipei has approached us with various challenges and areas for improvement that they are seeking with the following:

Leverage HubSpot for growing team and businesses

  • The team has successfully integrated HubSpot, but they need more extensive training to utilize the platform more effectively for their internal management.
  • Provide them with the necessary guidance on leveraging HubSpot to optimize their business expansion and productivity.
  • A way to manage their courses/programs for their online/offline attendees.
  • To provide a smooth experience for customers purchasing courses and programs online, they need to integrate a payment gateway and ensure that the deals are linked back to HubSpot for internal management. This involves utilizing internal management tools with Sales and implementing external communication through Workflows to effectively communicate with users.

Strategize business identity and marketing

  • To develop a fresh approach to establish a strong presence in various domains, such as brand recognition, inbound marketing, and search engine optimization.

Integrating communications across different channels

  • In order to improve their communication and establish better connections with users, integrate various methods, including SMS, Line messenger, in addition to email.

Identifying the problem

The team began as a small group, but as they grew into a successful business, they found themselves in need of more advanced management tools in HubSpot. Rising headcount and increased complexity raised challenges in data management, ineffective reporting and analytics, low adoption rates due to lack of training, and missed opportunities for automation. To effectively drive their marketing efforts, they required a consultant with expertise in strategizing, who could implement the best practices in the field.

The company expressed a need for a website redesign in line with their branding strategy. The current design was outdated and the information architecture was complicated, resulting in a high bounce rate and a decline in website traffic. Additionally, their online courses and programs were compartmentalized with online/offline channels, making it difficult to identify leads and deposits without manual effort.

Our Solution

Refined HubSpot onboarding & marketing training

  1. We conducted several workshops and meetings with BOPTaipei, which helped us gain a thorough understanding of their existing processes and future objectives.
  2. We conducted 16-hours of onboarding training for HubSpot, which involved practical exercises and collaborative marketing campaigns. The focus was on teaching efficient inbound marketing techniques.

Fine-tuned data management to meet their business

  1. We outlined the lead channels and several types of data that could be stored in CRM.
  2. Clean-up existing data, unused and duplicate properties in their CRM.
  3. Re-aligned workflows for communication delegation and efficiency.
  4. Created custom objects for courses/programs associated with Sales (deals), Marketing (forms), and Operation teams to establish a smooth user experience and eliminate data silos.

In-depth integration with local communication and payment channels


  1. We developed a custom integration with a local SMS service provider and integrated it into workflows as custom actions, as an alternative for the client to notify their users with the latest information about their registration on the courses/programs.
  2. We collaborated with a 3rd party vendor - Line by Little Help to implement their Line Business account into HubSpot to run marketing campaigns and transactional messages.
  3. We developed a system that enables users to conveniently make payments for courses and programs. Our system records each transaction as a deal and tracks registered contacts and associated courses/programs as custom objects. With this approach, the team can easily monitor and track data at a higher level, making it effortless to manage and analyze these informations.

An influencial rebranding to improve marketing funnels

  1. Restructured website sitemap to help users to find the information they need.
  2. Developed the website with semantic markup and modern SEO best practices. We also conducted extensive research within the industry to pinpoint the ideal keywords and topics to incorporate into the site.
  3. Improved website looks more professional with a formal web style guide. Users can easily access important information without unnecessary visuals, improving brand identity and user experience.

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BOPTaipei has successfully implemented a unified approach to organizing their marketing funnels and merging data silos. The flow of information between marketing, sales, and operations has become seamless, thanks to the ability to track the entire customer journey on a single platform. As a result, the accuracy of their reports has improved significantly. These changes have led to a 546% increase in traffic and a 50% increase in leads compared to their previous metrics.

The team has been able to improve communication with their users by integrating local communication channels into their workflows and system automation. With the ability to segment and identify users who regularly use these channels, marketing, and operational strategies can be optimized for better efficiency.

The team can now proceed with confidence, free from the confusion and inefficiency of dealing with fragmented or duplicate data. This improvement ensures a consistent and seamless experience for pursuing opportunities and leads.

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Impact & Looking forward

During our engagement with BOPTaipei, we have seen the significant impact of a true digital transformation facilitated by HubSpot, resulting in notable performance improvements throughout the company.

Our experience in this project demonstrated that HubSpot is a comprehensive solution that covers all dimensions of a business flywheel, from attracting new prospects to closing deals and delighting customers. Additionally, it provides complete internal team management features that allow for streamlined collaboration and efficient workflows.

We offer monthly solutions and consultations to maintain high-quality data and customer satisfaction. These efforts also help improve the platform's adaptation over time.


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